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Originally a division of The Rush Companies, Edison47 was created to provide a diversified array of services to meet the requirements of real estate owners and developers. Through our connections to The Rush Companies, we’ve gained familiarity with all aspects of construction and leasing of multifamily, commercial business, retail, and more. Our portfolio of managed properties includes residential projects, long term hold, older renovated properties, pre-construction, and lease up of class A urban midrise.

Edison47’s unique relationship with The Rush Companies allows for access to award-winning design, engineering, development, commercial management, and investment opportunities.

Meet Our Team

Our talented, experienced team makes us who we are. Edison47’s unique relationship with The Rush Companies allows for access to award-winning design, engineering, development, commercial management, and investment opportunities. This means you’ll always get the best of the best. Meet the people that make up our incredible Edison47 team.

Director of Property Management

Todd Vasko

With Edison47 since 2021

Todd comes to Edison47 with over 31 years of comprehensive experience in all aspects of multi-family portfolio operations. He brings strong financial-analysis skills, a growth-oriented outlook, and a need to exercise sound and ethical business practices. An expert in his field, he has managed large portfolios of up to 20,000 residual units across 300 communities in multiple states.

A natural mentor, Todd welcomes the opportunity to foster, support and build strong relationships with team members and clients alike. He realizes his team is what makes Edison47 stand out from the crowd and is proud at how cohesively they work together to successfully meet client goals.

Todd’s goal for Edison47 is to build upon the very foundation by which it was created. Focusing on innovative technology, anticipating future market needs, investing in resident satisfaction, and maintaining strong, long-term tenancy are the very cornerstones of Edison47. Together, as a resourceful team, Edison47 will continue to innovate always striving to enhance the very processes keeping Edison47 at the forefront of the industry.

After a long day, Todd likes to…

spend time with his family, smoke BBQ, salmon fish or coach youth-action shooting.

Todd’s words to live by:

Work hard and know your numbers.

Business Development

Jered Lerum

With edison47 since 2010

Jered brings more than 15 years of company and division building experience to his role as the Director of Business Development. He is responsible for providing strategic direction and oversight for Edison47’s tech initiatives, asset development, and resident solutions. Jered also serves as a consultant to commercial construction for multi-family projects in multiple areas, including but not limited to, amenity design, communications, fitness equipment and property access control systems.

Jered’s experience expands across the Pacific Northwest and includes multiple lease-ups and repositioning projects. Prior to joining Edison47, Jered served various roles within the multifamily industry including Community Manager, Portfolio Manager and Director of Multifamily Systems. For Jered, fleshing out ideas and working with the Edison47 team to bring ideas to life is his favorite way to delight both renters and investors.

In Jered’s opinion, Edison47 is different because, “The attention to detail we give every aspect of our product management makes us stand out. Very few management companies have the wealth of individual knowledge that we are equipped with.”

After a Long day, Jered likes to...

spend time with his family, work on customizing motorcycles, and go on motorcycle rides.

Jered's words to Live by:

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” – Milton Berle

Sr. Portfolio Manager

Tom Dodson

With Edison47 Since 2015

Tom comes to Edison47 with 13 years of experience from the southern California region. He has guided 8 communities totaling 1,850 units as a Regional Manager in Los Angeles with MG Properties. Tom’s experience also includes a vast background with Alliant Real Estate Investments where he handled the re-positioning of poor performing properties, stabilized income growth, oversaw third-party management, created and started capital projects and was responsible for the overall financial viability of these assets. These focuses were spread across 11 states with a total of 22 communities that consisted of tax credit, multi-family, and single-family homes. In these roles, he was able to gain many perspectives of ownership and investment strategies, providing insight to maximizing profitability in multi-family assets.

In all areas of daily operation, Tom’s attention to financial responsibility and cost control is evident in high performance year over year NOI growth. In Tom’s opinion, Edison47 is different because, “We’ve cut out the red tape so we can accomplish more in a short period. There is no bureaucracy to slow things down. We all work as a team and can react quickly to any situation on any property regardless of who is assigned to manage it.” 

Tom is a native of Washington State and has been elated to be back in the Pacific Northwest doing what he does best.


work on home improvement projects, and play PS4.


Keep your head down and work hard. It will pay off someday.

Portfolio Manager

Jacky Nelson

With Edison47 Since 2014

Jacky comes to Edison47 with over two decades of experience as a proven multifamily management professional. Jacky specializes in the management of both lease-up and stabilized properties. Under the Edison47 brand, she has managed and been a part of several Class A multifamily properties totaling 672 units.

A natural problem solver, Jacky thrives on setting and achieving goals. Jacky enjoys the dynamic of working with both renters and investors because of the different challenges that each group brings to the table. With renters, Jacky most enjoys working with people from different walks of life and discovering their unique perspectives. With investors, Jacky likes looking at the business through their eyes.

In Jacky’s opinion, Edison47 is different because, “Our company is always evolving. We embrace the elements of change and value our team members. Our team is the center point of all that we do and help guide the decisions we make every day.”

After A Long day, Jacky likes to...

entertain. Jacky’s idea of paradise is being in the kitchen cooking for her friends and family, entertaining is what makes her happiest.

Jacky's words to live by:

Every person you meet is a potential door to a new opportunity—personally or professionally. Build good bridges even in that just-for-now job, because you never know how they’ll weave into the larger picture of your life.

Portfolio Manager

Lauren Hlebechuk


Lauren started off in the industry in 2009 at an REIT property management company before joining the Edison47 team in 2013. A natural team player, Lauren’s favorite aspect of her job is working with the rest of the team. Collaborating with the team and the mutual support when things are difficult makes all the difference for Lauren. Opportunities for teamwork and growth stand out to Lauren as pivotal moments over the years at Edison47. For Lauren, the best part about working with renters is finding them the perfect place to live and building a rapport. When working with investors, Lauren gets a lot of satisfaction out of making investors proud of all that the team was able to accomplish together.

In Lauren’s opinion, Edison47 is different because of “the communication and openness they have for their team. Edison 47 has been that company where if you need something they are always there for you. I want to be able to grow with Edison 47 and be able to always give my best to the company.”


Spend time with family, go on walks and camping trips and make memories with family.

Lauren’s words to live by:

Make sure you balance your work life and personal life and know how to separate the two. Even though it’s hard, its best to leave your work life at the door and same with your personal life.

"Edison47 has truly made all the difference for our apartment communities. Their team is exceptional and their commitment to residents is a huge part of why we're so thrilled to partner with them. Edison47 goes above and beyond at every step of the customer experience."
--Matt Smith, President, The Rush Companies

Director of Accounting

LeAnne Sloan

With Edison47 Since 2021

LeAnne joins the Edison47 team with 14 years of accounting experience. When working with renters and investors, it’s the variety that keeps LeAnne engaged—no two stories are ever the same. Despite what you may think, accounting is not “all numbers all the time.” At Edison47, LeAnne most enjoys problem solving and leading a team.

For LeAnne, Edison47 is different because it is a small boutique management company that truly feels more like family.

After a long day, LeAnne likes to…

spend time with family and friends and crochet baby blankets for donation.

LeAnne’s words to live by:

No matter what is happening around you always smile before you pick up the phone. Whoever is on the other end will hear the smile.


Stefany Campbell


Stefany Campbell is Director of Employee Engagement and is responsible for creating a culture of positive impact for Edison47’s employees. She develops training strategies, fosters engagement, and recognizes employees to help alleviate workplace struggles and enhance each employee’s overall well-being. Stefany has been with Edison47 for seven years. Prior to that, she worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant before leaving to start a family. With a continued
desire to make a difference in people’s lives, Stefany was later drawn to the property-management industry. In 2021, Stefany was nominated for Property Manager of the Year (300+ units) by the Washington Multi-Family Housing Association. Year after year, Stefany’s properties win awards for highest NOI Growth, Community-Service Outreach, and Highest Rent Growth.

Stefany is inspired daily by her husband and four children. She especially strives to be a good role model for her two daughters by showing them what it looks like to be a successful working woman. In her free time, Stefany can be found regularly working out virtually on her Oculus Quest.

In Stefany’s opinion, Edison47 is special because “we are a group of passionate individuals who care about what we do. A small team of experts is much easier to work for than a large, but mediocre team.”



coach her sons’ baseball team, work on home-improvement projects, and play with her four

Stefany's words to live by:

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” – Milton Berle


George Manguru


George Manguru is Edison47’s Regional Maintenance Supervisor and is responsible for overseeing maintenance operations, associate-maintenance training and serves as the company’s Safety Coordinator. George has been in the maintenance industry for 21 years and
first studied electrical engineering in Kenya-East Africa. He spent the following nine years working as an Electrician and further trained in the disciplines of plumbing, mechanical and property maintenance. Shortly after relocating to the United States, George started with Edison47 as a Maintenance Technician and due to his hard work, willingness to learn and love for his job, rose through the ranks. A natural problem solver, George completed projects to conserve energy at various properties resulting in significant savings to Edison47. In 2016, George was also selected as an Emerald awards finalist for Best Maintenance Supervisor by the Washington Multi-Family Housing Association.

In his spare time, George enjoys volunteering in his church, watching movies, riding his bicycle, and playing basketball. George is inspired daily by his loving family and strives to instill in his two sons the belief his parents instilled in him; if you always have the will to work hard and not to give up, the way will always find you.

In George’s opinion, Edison47 is special because “we are a family that cares for and helps one another grow and achieve our career goals.”




relax with a cup of tea and have dinner together with his family.


“Strive to be patient and positive every day.” “Never fear failure when you haven’t even started.”

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