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OUr Communities

Check out our beautiful communities at Madison25, Bogtown Flats, Paceline, and Proctor Station.


At Edison47, we work together with one-of-a-kind partners to create communities that feel like home. 

We go above and beyond to provide the little extras that brighten residents’ days and make life easier. We invest in resident satisfaction through concierge services and community events that take place each month at the property and within the local scene. We currently have beautiful communities available for rent in Shoreline, Tacoma, Seattle, and more.

An Eye to the Future

We create and manage communities throughout the Pacific Northwest.


With Edison47, you can rest assured we always have an eye to the future, and our properties are always one step ahead.

Edison47, Inc. is a results-oriented property management services group located in the North and South Puget Sound. Our focus on innovative technology compliments over 40 years of staff experience in all aspects of multifamily, mixed use, and new construction.

Through strategic three and five year planning, Edison47 anticipates the needs of the future market while maintaining strong long-term tenancy.

“Our team was extremely impressed with Edison 47’s management capabilities. Our team has sold over $2 Billion in real estate for multiple investment types including Institutions, REIT’s, Sponsors and Private Individuals and feel they are one of the best firms in our market. They executed their business plan perfectly on lease - up and brought in a great group of residents. They were extremely detailed and responsive through the entire process and made our jobs easier. We would highly recommend Edison 47 for any management opportunities.
— Philip Assouad and Giovanni Napoli, Senior VPs of Multi - Family Investments, Kidder Matthew

We Are Edison47

Our talented, experienced team makes us who we are. Edison47’s unique relationship with The Rush Companies allows for access to award-winning design, engineering, development, commercial management, and investment opportunities.

Success You Can See

Investor and owner relations are a vital aspect of our process. Owners are given live access to the property dashboards in order to remain current on the property performance. Our diverse team of partners outside the industry allows us to do things a little differently—with great success. This means you’ll always get the best of the best.

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